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Fitness Center

Do you know how to eat to gain muscle tone and possibly lose fat at the same time? Do you know the truth about diet and weight gain supplements, weight machines, fitness magazines, and their respective companies? Who is telling the truth and who is keeping you from reaching your goals via misinformation? Enter The Royal Palms Resort's Spa & Fitness Center, the latest state-of-the-art training facility on Fort Lauderdale Beach. Our facilities have been constructed to maximize the equipment that is useful to your goals and minimize or eliminate what is a waste of your time and effort. We have the experience to write a training program for you that we are willing to guarantee that will work. In addition, we will follow up and update your program whenever you break a personal record or reach a plateau that must be overcome. The Royal Palms Resort's Spa & Fitness Center's personal trainers have been hand-selected due to their experience as real trainees/athletes and their ability to teach you to get world-class results. It is our coaching mission to guide you as your advisors every step throughout your training routine.

The Royal Palms Fitness Center is also a Dennis Dean Gallery.

Monday - Sunday: 7 AM - 10 PM